Sorting and Solving Conflict

Sometimes students do not make the right choices in being safe and respectful and may say or do the wrong thing that causes conflict or harm to themselves or others. These choices may include things we say or do and if we do not sort it out with those involved, then the repeated behaviour can cause distress, hurt or undue pressure to another student. This is then called bullying.

We all have a responsibility to make positive choices to ensure we all enjoy a safe and respectful environment. 

Wrong Choices we can make as individuals or as a group include:


name calling, teasing, mocking, abuse, put downs, sarcasm, insults, threats, aggressive words, racist remarks 


hitting, punching, kicking, scratching, tripping, spitting, deliberately bumping into others.


ignoring, excluding, ostracising, alienating, making inappropriate gestures, mocking, mimicking


spreading rumours, dirty looks, taking /damaging/hiding property that belongs to others, malicious rumours, malicious SMS  and email messages, inappropriate use of social media, camera phones and other devices.

Our rights in our Gymea community:

  • The right to come to school and feel safe and happy.
  • The responsibility to treat all members of the school respectfully.
  • Make positive choices about how we act and treat each other.
  • Accept responsibility for our behaviour, actions and choices  and make amends when required .
  • Choose to change our behaviour when required.

What can you do to sort out behaviours that are not safe and respectful:

  • Tell the other person to stop.
  • Seek help and talk about it to someone you trust.
  • Write your experiences and give them to a Teacher, Year Adviser, Parent, Head Teacher, Deputy Principal or someone else you trust.
  • Report it to a teacher.

Being a responsible school citizen:

  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Accept individual differences.
  • Do not participate in bystander behaviour.
  • Care enough to do something about it when you see it.


Anti-bullying plan


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