Positive Behaviour for Learning

Our school’s Positive Behaviour for Learning strategy guides and supports positive behaviours that develop important social and academic outcomes in all students.  We strive to promote high standards of achievement and behaviour across our school community.

Our school’s agreed expectations were developed by staff, students and parents and clearly articulate standards and expectations for student behaviour. These are outlined in our Positive Behaviour for Learning Expectations Matrix and focus on positive behaviours that ensure students are SAFE, RESPECTFUL and SUCCESSFUL LEARNERS in all school settings.

By focussing on the individual student and their responsibilities in the learning/behaviour relationship, students are encouraged to do their best and develop confidence through positive interactions with staff and peers.

Anti-bullying plan


Student Achievement

Our school’s merit levels promote and recognise student achievement and success in a broad range of experiences. We recognise the importance of rewarding students who actively participate in all aspects of school, who try their best and value learning. These values demonstrate student commitment to SAFE, RESPECTFUL and SUCCESSFUL LEARNING and strengthen our school culture of belonging and success.

Digital Merits

At Gymea, students are awarded digital merits by staff across the school in all learning areas and activities. The accumulation of these certificates and awards are communicated to students and families and each processed to ensure the progression of awards continually occurs.

Merit Certificates

Students receive Safe, Respectful and Successful Learner Merit Certificates from their teachers. Students and families will receive communication throughout the term on the award of their merit certificates.

Year Adviser Award

Students qualify for a Year Adviser Award when they receive five merit certificates. These awards are presented to students by their Year Adviser. These awards are processed on behalf of the student and awarded during whole year assemblies.

Principal’s Award
Students qualify for a Principal’s Award when they receive two Year Adviser’s Awards. Principal’s Awards are presented to students during whole school assemblies throughout the term.

Certificate of Excellence

Students qualify for a Certificate of Excellence when they receive three Principal’s Awards in one school year. Certificates of Excellence are presented to students at our Annual Presentation Assemblies (Years 7-11) or Graduation Assembly (Year 12).

Honour Award

Students can qualify for an honour award if they have been awarded a Certificate of Excellence and if they have been identified as having excellent School Reports for the year.  Honour Awards are presented to students at our Annual Presentation Day (Years 7-11) or the Graduation Assembly (Year 12).

School Representation

We offer a range of extra curricular activities and opportunities for students to represent our school in the areas of sport, debating, dance, drama, music, and more. We aim to expand their experiences at school and strongly encourage student participation in extra curricular programs.

School representation is a privilege and personal presentation, behaviour, good sportsmanship and treating others with respect and courtesy show that students are responsible and mature members of our school community.

Students pride themselves in being self-motivated and self disciplined and when they conduct themselves in a respectful and mature manner, this promotes a positive school culture.


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Innovative learning spaces that empower students to work collaboratively, creatively and critically.

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Integrated technology, developing all students as confident learners through an engaging curriculum.

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Engaging all students in positive growth and individualised success in all areas of school life.