Student Health

Every year, parents of students with known medical conditions which require an emergency response,  receive information via the post in term 3 outlining the process and time frame to update this information. It is also important that parents let the school know if their child’s health care needs have changed or if a new health condition has developed. If this is the case, please contact the school.

Information about allergies, anaphylaxis, medical conditions such as asthma, epilepsy and diabetes and other health care related issues (including prior conditions such as medical procedures in the last 12 months) should be provided to the school by parents.

This page has been included on the school’s website to assist parents in supplying updated medical information to the school. Blank forms and form guides have been provided below.

Colour templates are required for all allergy and anaphylaxis plans.  Quite often, doctors do not have a colour photocopier. Parents can download the colour template from this page or request a colour copy from the school prior to visiting their doctor.

Blank FormsGuides to Completing Forms
ASCIA Action Plan – Allergic Reactions  ASCIA Allergic Reactions Guide
ASCIA Action Plan – Anaphylaxis – EpiPen ASCIA Anaphylaxis Guide
ASTHMA Care Plan Asthma Care Plan Guide
Individual Health Care Plan Individual Health Care Plan Guide
Emergency Care Response Plan Emergency Care Response Plan Guide
Diabetes Type 1 Management .Injection Diabetes Type 1 Management .Inject Guide
ASCIA Action Plan – Medication Allergy  
ASCIA Action Plan – Anaphylaxis – Anapen 
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