Transition to High School

Preparing for Year 7 2023

Head Start to High School is a transition to high school program that is unique to Gymea Technology High School. For Gymea, it has proven to better prepare students, emotionally, socially and academically for high school, while also building that proud excitement as we begin our partnership in the high school journey of your child.

This year we are happy we can return to our onsite delivery of Head Start to High School, welcoming incoming Year 7 students and their families.

Key dates and times

Term 3
  • Head Start to High School – Tuesday 23 August:       4.30pm – 6pm
  • Head Start to High School – Tuesday 30 August:       4.30pm – 6pm
  • Head Start to High School – Tuesday 6 September:  4.30pm – 6pm
Term 4
  • Information Evening: Tuesday 15 November:     6pm – 7:30pm
  • Family Interviews: Tuesday 22 November          1pm – 5:40pm
  • Orientation Day: Tuesday 29 November             9.15am – 11am

Register now for Head Start to High School

We have sent out email invitations for those families who are on our enrolment.  If you ahve missed or did not recieve the invitation email, please contact our enrolemnt officer by phone on 9521 3244 or email the school at

Student Workshops

SessionLesson Descrption
MathsMaths Jeopardy: Group problem solving challenge – solve the numeracy brainteasers to win as many points as your team can in 20 minutes.
ScienceThe Pop Test:  Gain some hands-on experience in conducting a scientific experiment to look at a chemical reaction.
PDHPECooperative Games: Play together as a team in a series of cooperative, team building challenge games.
EnglishColour Symbolism: Explore how the use of colour can symbolise emotions and engage in a visual representation activity to convey the emotions they feel about starting high school.
HSIEHistory Mystery : Explore historical time periods by piecing together clues to solve the mystery about a historical event.
TASSpace-X Challenge: Work collaboratively alongside your peers to complete a design challenge – a rocket capable of safely returning an astronaut to earth from space.
Student Video MessagesOur teachers will lead students through an activity that invites them to deliver a video message about themselves and their thoughts of high school.

Family Workshops

The following topics are presented through the Head Start weeks for families.

  • Introducing our Year 7 Advisers
  • Digital Devices for Learning
  • Year 7 Curriculum and Learning
  • Positive Strategies for Success
  • Innovative Learning Environments
  • Student Organisation App – MyGymea
  • Get Ready for High School
  • Supporting children’s learning

Online Transition

Our Transition program has enjoyed an online presence since 2015 in a program called GymeaConnect.

 Connecting online serves to connect students and year advisers and gives students a leg up with their learning before landing in at school on day 1 2023.

Each student will be provided with login credentials, emailed to parents for an online learning. Students can access the Edmodo site here  This login also provides students access to our numeracy skills site, Essential Assessment, which is accessed here using the school code 8386.

If students experience difficulty accessing or need their user name and password re-sent, please contact Heather in our office on 9521 3244.

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Integrated technology, developing all students as confident learners through an engaging curriculum.

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