U-Turn the Wheel

Key points

  • U-Turn the wheel is a driver safety program run by Rotary, Sutherland Shire Council and expert presenters who help educate students about important life skills associated with driving and road safety.
  • This is a one day in-school intensive program involving 6 workshops led by experts 
  • U-Turn the Wheel is the second part of the mandatory 25 hour Life Ready Program that students commenced while on camp in term 2 this year.

On Friday 28 October, normal lessons for Year 11 were replaced by a valuable road safety program called U-Turn the Wheel. This one day program is part of the 25 hour mandatory Life Skills Program that year 11 undertook while on camp earlier this year.  

U-turn the Wheel is a program co-ordinated by Rotary Club and supported by Sutherland Shire Council for many years.  This one-day intensive in-school road safety program has been delivered to Year 11 students in every Sutherland Shire high school. 

Expert presenters led our students through presentations and workshops focused on the different challenges facing young drivers and the importance of making responsible decisions and actions as they can lead to unforeseen and tragic consequences. Students took part in six interactive workshops throughout the day, including car care and safety, road rules, considering other road users, partying safely, the effects of injuries and the effects of drugs and alcohol. 

The six workshops were highly engaging and had a different focus. These were:

  • Keeping your Ls and Ps presented by NSW Police
  • Buying a used car presented by the NRMA
  • Driver Distractions presented by Youthsafe
  • Picking up the Pieces presented by a NSW Paramedic from NSW Ambulance Service
  • Being Fit to Drive presented by St George Youth Services
  • New Driver Survivor presented by Trent Driving

Thank you to Rotary and the presenters for delivering such a worthwhile and engaging program to our students.

Congratulations to Year 11 who participated in the day so positively and respectfully. The presenters spoke glowingly about the behaviour and enthusuastic participation of our students. 

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