Raising the bar with Behaviour

Key Points

  •  Gymea Technology High promotes positive behaviour for learning within a mantra of Safe, Respectful and Successful Learning.
  • Our school is committed to providing safe, supportive and responsive learning environments where we teach and model the behaviours we value in our students.

The NSW government has released a number of media reports ahead of the new behaviour policy. This policy  aims to improve the focus on learning by raising the bar with expectations on behaviour.

Our school has enjoyed the benefits of our Positive Behaviour for Learning Strategy for many years that has seen a positive impact on the learning and social and emotional outcomes of all students. While we are very fortunate here at Gymea that serious misbehaviours did not characterise our school, continuing to raise the bar with behaviour favours success for all students.

We commenced this term with a strong emphasis on positive behaviours that encompass safe and respectful behaviours and those constructive positive behaviours with high aspiration and committed work with learning. Our school’s academic performance continues to grow and the individual growth and success of student achievement is something we are very proud of as  our students move onto wonderful university and vocational pathways. These successes are built upon a learning environment categorised by respect, safety and positive engagement.

Our students have maturely embraced a strong stance in raising the bar with behaviour and learning as we continue to promote learning, well-being and safety for all our students to ensure continued academic growth and success.

Student Assembly
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Innovative learning spaces that empower students to work collaboratively, creatively and critically.

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Integrated technology, developing all students as confident learners through an engaging curriculum.

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Engaging all students in positive growth and individualised success in all areas of school life.