Year 11 Yearly Examinations

Examination Information

Preparing for Examinations

Around exam time it is a good idea to keep other commitments to a minimum, although it is important to allow time for exercise and recreation. Keep a reasonable routine of study, relaxation, exercise, food and sleep.

  • Draw up a study timetable well in advance and try to stick to it. Allocate your time so that all subjects are covered and you don’t neglect the hard or boring bits. Set specific tasks with deadlines.
  • Study for short periods of time, depending on what works best for you, and have regular study breaks to give your mind some other activity.
  • Be flexible, adaptable and honest with yourself – you may need to revise your study timetable depending on your progress and what you find works best for you.
  • Reward yourself by doing something that you enjoy after you have finished your set revision.

Know what to expect

  • Format – Will the exam include multiple choice, short answers, problems or long answer/essay questions? What mixture of these?
  • Length – How long will the exam be? What time should be allocated to the different sections?
  • Equipment – What may you take into the examination with you? (Pens, pencils, ruler, calculator, plastic sleeve, tissues, water bottle).


  • If a student is absent from an examination they must notify the school before 8:30 am on 9521-3244. Illness/misadventure procedures must be follwoed and appropriate documentation (ie. Medical certificate) supporting your absence will be required. Arrangements with the Deputy Principal will need to made to catch up on the missed exam.
  • Students are required at school at least 15 minutes before the start of each exam.
  • Extra time cannot be awarded for late arrivals.

Disability Provisions

  • Students who have been granted Disability Provisions are required to check examination details with the Deputy Principal prior to the commencement of the examination period.
  • Students with disability provisions are to go to the library at the start of the exam.


  • Students must have the required equipment for the examination they are sitting. Borrowing is not permitted.
  • Mobile Phones, smart watches and all electronic devices, except for specified calculators for certain exams, are to be switched off and kept in your bag during the examination.


  • Uniform is compulsory.

The Examination

  • Extra writing paper and any type of reading material are not permitted in the examination venue.

Examination Timetable

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