Subject Selection Choices for 2023

Key Points

  • We were very excited in the way that our students and parents worked with us through the information sessions, open nights, taster days and other information discussions around subject selections for 2023, helping students make those informed and personal decisions about their subjects.

  • A process for all subject selections will be a confirmation email of what students have selected and should be sent out to families and students before processing these through the timetable to find the best fit for student choices.

Subject Selection Evening 1

Subject selections are an important curriculum milestone for our students. In year 8, it is the first time students have a voice in the electives they wish to study and for year 10, it is an important decision that shapes their pathway of study for their senior years. We were so impressed and very proud to watch our students’ commitment to making informed and considered decisions about their subjects over the last two weeks. 

Our Year 8 and 9 students selected their elective subjects for 2023 on Monday 8 August with almost all students now having selected their subjects. These subject choices are made on the premise of those subjects students’ have a real interest in and know they can achieve success in. Their decisions were supported by our Information Evening on Tuesday 2 August where students and parents were able to talk to Head Teachers about their elective courses and ask any questions they may have had before making their selections. 

For Year 10, their choice of subjects for 2023 has been guided by a number of programs here at school. The first was the launch of two days of senior Taster Lessons allowing all Year 10 students to select a timetable of 11 different senior courses they were interested in finding out more about. This was a new program we trialed this year to help our students make the best subject choices for them, and one in which our Year 10 students highly valued. We were incredibly proud of their mature and diligent participation in these lessons!

Along with their Information Session that followed the Stage 5 session, students and families were invited to attend an Open Night where they could speak to Year 12 Teachers and Head Teachers about the ins and outs of the courses they were interested in. All students also received a personalised email including a recommendation on their potential level of English and Mathematics study for their senior years based on their current engagement and performance. 

Following this, every student participated in a one to one interview with a member of the executive team who guided them through a conversation around positive study habits before talking through their subject choices for 2023. 

The commitment of our staff enabled these programs this year and we were very excited to see how valued they were by our students and families. Thank you to all for your support of our Subject Selection programs.

Next Steps

  1. We confirm by email with students and families the preferences for subjects for 2023. Students will be able to make final adjustments.
  2. The timetable software sorts preferences based on student choices to create the lines that best work for students. These will be communicated to students and families.
  3. Students provided the opportunity to adjust electives on these lines where there are vacancies in those courses. 
Year 10 Taster Lessons
Subject Selection Evening 1
Subject Selection Evening 1
Subject Selection Evening 1
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