Selecting Senior Courses for Year 11 2023

Key Points

  • Year 10 students will be making their elective choices for their senior study in 2023 this term.
  • Our Subject Selection program has continued to evolve and will now offer the opportunity for parents to join their child’s subject selection interview via Zoom.
  • All students will undertake an individualised interview to guide their selections on Wednesday 10 August.
  • Click here to see the interactive website that has been created to help parents understand and engage in the subject selection process and the Higher School Certificate pathway for their child.

Individualising Subject Selection

Our experiences over the past two years have enabled us to continually evolve the way we are able to connect with our families and individualise programs for our students. Each year, our students undertake individualised Subject Selection Interviews lead by a member of the Executive team who guides them through their choices.  The partnership with families in this process and the individual connection with students has always proven highly valuable.

This year, we are offering the opportunity for parents to join in on their child’s interview via Zoom. These will run after school on Wednesday 10 August. Each interview takes approximately 20 minutes and will guide students through a reflection process as they choose the subjects best suited to them for study in 2023.

For those families who do not wish to register, a face-to-face interview will be conducted with your child on Wednesday afternoon during school time.

You can register for a Zoom Subject Selection Interview via the link emailed home to all families.

Subject Selection Website 

To assist with senior school subject selection we have launched an interactive website for parents and students to explore what is on offer for 2023 for our current year 10 students and families to navigate through.

The website provides

  • Video introductions of each course.
  • Descriptions of courses.
  • Screen cast information on subject selection processes and HSC requirements.
  • Opportunities to submit questions that we can communicate back to all families.

Please take the opportunity to view the website by clicking ‘Explore our Senior Courses’ below.

Helping students explore choices

Taster Lessons and our Subject Selection Information Evening

Below is the timeline of events and programs running for Year 10 this term to support their subject selections for 2023:

Term 3 Week 2

Year 10 are participating in a year assembly this week that will lead them through the subject selection processes, requirements and career pathways.

Monday 1 and Tuesday 2 August

We will then be running two days of “Taster” lessons where year 10 can register for the different subjects that most interest them (up to 11 subjects in total) to find out what is involved in the study of each subject. These lessons will run on Monday 1 and Tuesday 2 August.

Tuesday 2 August at 6:30pm

Our Stage 6 Subject Selection Information evening begins at 6:30pm on Tuesday 2 August in the school hall followed by an open-night style tour where students and families can speak to staff about the courses on offer.

Wednesday 10 August

Students will then meet individually with a school executive on Wednesday 10 August to discuss their subject choices and engage in a planning discussion about their learning and goals for the future. Subject choices will be made individually with students during these meetings. This will be an initial choice meeting.

Before end of Term 3

To ensure we maximise the best fit for student choices, the courses that will definitely not run as a result of student choices will be removed from the selection and all students will meet again with executive staff to review their subject choices from the refined list of courses.

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