Year 7 Showcase

Key Points:

  • Our Year 7 Showcase evening was a wonderful celebration of a successful start to high school for our Year 7 students enjoyed by students, teachers and families alike.
  • Every Year 7 student was recognised and their achievements celebrated with our school community.
  • Student speakers gave their perspectives on learning experiences and activities they have enjoyed both in and out of the classroom. 

On Wednesday 18 May it was a pleasure to host our 2022 Year 7 Showcase evening and welcome our Year 7 families to our school as we showcased some of the wonderful learning experiences that Year 7 students have enjoyed both in and out of the classroom this year.  

Media and Video presentations showing students in action during different lessons, during sport and at camp were well appreciated by families who got see what high school life is really like for their children.

Every Year 7 student was recognised and put on show as they were invited to the stage and introduced to our families, staff and their peers. While on stage, a citation was shared about them describing their favourite subjects and favourite memory of high school so far. Not surprisingly, camp, making new friends and the zoo excursion were very popular.   

The highlight of the evening was listening to our fabulous Year 7 speakers Cyrus, Marley, Syenna, Ella, Polly and Xavier, who gave student perspectives on high school so far. Each spoke with confidence, genuine excitement and happiness about their many positive experiences in Year 7. And what an amazing job they did speaking in front of their peers, teachers and families. 

Cyrus and Marley entertained us with stories about camp, their activities such as the flying fox, survivor challenge and high ropes and very popular fluoro themed disco that everyone enjoyed and went to a lot of effort dressing up for the occasion.  Polly and Xavier spoke about friendships and how important this social aspect is to a Year 7 student as they start their high school journey, and how the start of high school has seen the start of many new and wonderful friendships. 

Syenna and Ella shared with us how much fun high school learning has been across all of the different subjects with their teachers. Along with their peers, they have learned so much in each of their subjects and have enjoyed our specialised learning environments and learning activities. They also spoke about how much they appreciate their teachers support and encouragement to achieve their personal best.   

Our Year 7 Advisers, Ms Forsyth and Ms Palmer spoke about the many activities Year 7 have been involved in and how much they have enjoyed working with their year group and getting to know each and every child.  Mr Marsh spoke about organisation and shared some tips with  parents on how they can help their children stay on top of their work and study as well as build their confidence and organisational skills. Each student received a pack with their progress summary reports, photos and information flyers about organisation and supporting success and achievement.

Our Year 7 Showcase evening was a wonderful celebration event enjoyed by students, teachers and families alike. Congratulations to all of our Year 7 students for their positivity and enthusiasm at our Showcase Evening. Thank you to our Year 7 families for joining us to celebrate the successful transition to high school. We look forward to working in partnership with you over the next 6 years as your child progresses through their high school education and establishes their pathway for their future.

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