New Website – Navigation and quick links

Key Points

  • Our new Community Link site contains all the important information for parents and students with school activity and student learning.
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During remote learning in 2021, the Department directed schools to start using the NSW public schools generic website so they could push through their communications. Our official site has moved to this site as the public facing site with Community Link remaining a source for school community learning and activity communication.

The school is utilising three sites to link our community with information.  

Community Link – a public site that contains all learning and activity information about our school to link families with student learning.

Student Link – a public site that provides students with daily announcements that include programs and information for that day.

Staff Link – a secured site that provides school procedures and internal announcements so that teachers are supported through consistent guidelines.

These sites are integral to school operation and student learning and are the result of much work and time to get them working better for everyone. We have additions to the functionality of these sites that are being explored and tested and hopefully made available to our community soon.

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Innovative learning spaces that empower students to work collaboratively, creatively and critically.

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Integrated technology, developing all students as confident learners through an engaging curriculum.

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Engaging all students in positive growth and individualised success in all areas of school life.