HSC Minimum Standards

Key Points

  • The first round of HSC Minimum Standards testing for Year 10 is scheduled for Tuesday 14 June (Week 8).
  • Our students are currently preparing for these assessments in their English and Mathematics lessons each week. 
  • This ensures strong preparation and foundation for their senior studies to begin on a successful pathway next year.

The HSC Minimum Standards are a minimum standard of literacy a numeracy required for the award of the Higher School Certificate. Students meet these minimum standards by completing online assessments in reading, writing and numeracy, similar to those they experience in NAPLAN. They have the opportunity to complete these tests twice a year in Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12, with the majority of our students meeting the minimum standard in the first round of testing.

Our first round of HSC Minimum Standards testing for Year 10 is scheduled for Tuesday 14 June in Week 8 of this term during periods 1-3. As with all external testing our students sit, we are working with our Year 10 students to prepare them and support them through these assessments as part of their preparation for their senior studies.

To familiarise our students with these assessments, our English and Mathematics faculties developed a program of regular literacy and numeracy testing through Moodle that enables our students to gain experience with the style of questions assessed as well as the online testing environment prior to sitting the tests. Our program also provides our teachers and students with immediate feedback on each of our students reading, writing and numeracy skills to ensure we can best support them in obtaining the HSC minimum standard as seamlessly as possible.

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