Update on Department Issues with Emails

Key Points

  • Our weekly emails and other individualised correspondence are back up and running this week after weeks of pursuing a solution with the Department.

  • Our Individualised communications are unique to Gymea and are supported by the committed efforts of our teachers and the work by students with their learning.

Throughout the remote learning period, we worked tirelessly as a community to maintain continuity of learning and communications with home for our students and families. The systems we developed during that time, particularly around the weekly reporting, are unique to Gymea. Our students do well with regular homework online that is designed to review the work they have covered in class and help them prepare for tests. To share their weekly engagement and progress with learning is valuable to families, students and teachers.

It was unfortunate that the servers were interrupted by the department but after weeks of persistence, we now have our systems up and going. They have been through testing sequences to ensure they are reliable and secure. Our student progress summaries will be distributed weekly and emailed towards the end of the school week.

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