Year 11 Camp

Key Points

  • Our Year 11 students enjoyed a fun-filled two day adventure camp at The Tops Conference Centre as part of their mandatory Life Ready Program.
  • All  students embraced and enjoyed the opportunity to work together and participate in various activities such as go-carting, high ropes, survivor challenge and archery, forming an even stronger connection as a year group.

Congratulations to all of our Year 11 students for your enthusiastic participation in your two day adventure camp at The Tops Conference Centre, Stanwell Tops. This was a wonderful way to complete the mandatory Life Ready Course which is designed to prepare and support senior students with decision making and with their senior studies. Life Ready must be completed by all students as part of their HSC qualification.

Camp is always a special activity for students and staff and as students finish Year 12, camp is always talked about with fondness and as a highlight of their high school journey. An important aspect of our Year 11 camp program is to promote student well-being, team building, positive relationships and good decision making skills, which is particularly important for senior students as they work towards their HSC.

Year 11 had stunning weather and every student participated in all activities and seminars with enthusiasm and positivity. As students participated in Go-Carting, High Ropes, Survivor Challenge and Archery there were many laughs, much encouragement and some friendly banter and competitiveness.

Well done, Year 11, we are very proud of how respectfully you represented our school, how thoughtful and encouraging you were of each other, for your enthusiastic willingness to give everything a go and of your support of each other. A huge thank you to our teaching team who made Year 11 Camp possible: Mr Ellis, Mr Williams, Ms Shillam and Mr Artuphel.

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