Outstanding Success in the 2021 HSC

Key Points

  • The determination and strong work ethic of our students and teachers has paid off for our 2021 HSC students with outstanding results in this year’s Higher School Certificate.
  • The Gymea Technology High School community are proud of these fantastic achievements and results with 35% of students identified as High Achievers in the Higher School Certificate.
  • Data provided by the NSW Department of Education is continually showing Gymea students are performing strongly across the school with above state average performances and outstanding individual and whole school value added to student outcomes. 

The HSC Year of 2021 was a disrupted journey with the lengthy lockdown but our students and staff did not lose focus on the task ahead. Students adapted quickly to the school’s unique HSC strategy that focused on regular examination preparation as they worked in partnership with their teachers to bring about strong results. Our student’s outstanding performance in the 2021 HSC places the school in a strong position within the state across courses.

With 70% of students achieving strong results in the bands that contribute towards University entrance,  we congratulate their success with ATARs and the offers for entrance into University for 2022. With over 80% of our students applying for University receiving early offers, with nearly all students gaining University entrance for 2022, we join their families in proudly congratulating each of them on a wonderful achievement.

The determination of students and staff and the continued initiatives the school undertakes to support academic performance is seeing a strong positive value added to student outcomes. These performances are observed throughout all years at Gymea from Year 12 back to Year 7 with outstanding above-state averages as well as comparisons to similar school averages in performance.  In the 2021 HSC, just over a third of our students were identified as High Achievers across all courses. 

After what was a difficult year, we are proud at Gymea that our students, teachers and families worked together to bring about such wonderful results that identify Gymea Technology as a strong academically performing High School but also one that supports and inspires students to succeed in each of their individualised and aspirational goals.

We will look to provide more detail when school resumes and acknowledge many of the wonderful stories of achievement.

Congratulations to Year 12 2021. We are very proud of you!

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