SkillUp in Action

Key Points

  • SkillUp is Gymea’s unique diagnostic literacy and numeracy program that has been developed by our English and Mathematics staff.
  • The program provides teachers with pointed information about every student’s literacy and numeracy progress from years 7-10.
  • The feedback provided to teachers and students supports every student’s individual learning progress, promoting growth at all levels of achievement. 
SkillUp 2
Skill Up 3

Since 2019, our junior students have been undertaking a program of regular diagnostic testing in reading, writing, grammar, punctuation and numeracy skills. This unique program, which has been designed by our English and Mathematics staff allows our students to utilise our online learning programs, Moodle and Google Classroom to complete regular, targeted quizzes that assess their literacy and numeracy progress.

The initial intention of the program was to provide our students with that vital experience of the online testing environment and the style of questioning required for success in those external assessments such as NAPLAN and HSC Minimum Standard testing. Since its implementation in 2019, the program has adapted and grown to one focused on data analysis and feedback, informing both our students and our teachers on the literacy and numeracy progress of every student. The quizzes are mapped to those important literacy and numeracy skills that build throughout years 7 – 10, allowing our teachers to refining their activities back in the classroom to target those areas of greatest need. 

This success of the program has seen it timetabled into a regular, fortnightly lesson for our Year 7 and 8 students which has now been running successfully for five weeks. Our Year 9 students have also been participating as they have done for the last three years through rotations in English and Mathematics every week in preparation for NAPLAN testing in Term 2. Later, our Year 10 students will be participating in the program in preparation for their HSC Minimum Standards testing, a minimum literacy and numeracy standard needed for the award of the high School Certificate. Year 7 also participated in the Best Start Assessment as part of this SkillUp program to provide a wealth of information for our teachers on how they can best support our students in their growth and academic performance as they commence high school.

You can see our Year 7 student’s participating in Best Start last Monday through our Instagram and Facebook feeds.

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