Continued Outstanding Success for our 2020 Graduates

Key Points

  • Gymea Technology High School celebrates continued outstanding achievement of our students in the 2020 Higher School Certificate.
  • A significant number of our 2020 Year 12 students, girls and boys are heading off into further STEM study at a range of highly regarded universities.
  • Three of our top performing Mathematics Extension 1 girls are now undertaking further study in the fields of Data Analytics, Mathematics and Computer Science.

Congratulations to three of our top performing 2020 Year 12 graduates, Charlotte, Ellen and Nicola on their successful admission into their chosen STEM related courses this year. With all three girls heading off to the University of Technology Sydney, we were very proud to hear that they had chosen to pursue their strength in the STEM fields of Mathematics, Data Analytics and Computer Science.

Nicole, Ellen and Charlotte

Charlotte started her Gymea journey in the Gifted and Talented stream, feeding back to us earlier this year about the strong study skills and aspirations this opportunity provided for her. Charlotte, along with Ellen and Nicola also had the opportunity to accelerate their learning in Mathematics during Year 10 by undertaking the Year 11 Mathematics Advanced course through our Stage 5 Mathematics Gifted and Talented program. The girls collectively agreed that this challenge gave them the confidence to 

take on and succeed at the higher levels of Mathematics study in Year 11 and 12.

Ellen and Charlotte both achieved high performing results in the Mathematics Advanced and Mathematics Extension 1 courses with Nicola also completing Mathematics Extension 2 and achieving a high notional Band 5 for both Extension 1 and 2.

All three of these girls were also instrumental in starting our STEM Girls Group at Gymea and thoroughly enjoyed visiting University STEM days as well as engaging in STEM activities that broadened their minds in the opportunities STEM fields could provide for them.

In 2021, Nicola will be undertaking a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics which she hopes will lead into a masters of Data Analytics. Ellen will be studying a Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics and is looking to combine her strength in Mathematics with her interest in business to pursue a future career in business analytics. Charlotte is heading into the diverse field of computing science through her studies in a Bachelor of Computing Science.

While we are highlighting these three outstanding girls today, we are very proud of our 2020 boys who are also pursuing pathways in STEM, in particular a number of our Physics graduates who produced strong results in their Mathematics and Physics HSC’s which has piqued their interest to continue building their knowledge and skills in the physical and mathematical sciences. You can hear from some of them in our previous post.

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