Athletics Carnival

Key Points

  • We are looking forward to the return of our school’s Athletics Carnival this year with our PDHPE faculty organising fun-filled and inclusive whole-school events for all ages.
  • The carnival will be held at the The Ridge Athletics Track on Wednesday 17 March.
  • This is a normal school day with all students required to attend and after a year of restrictions, enjoy an event that connects our whole school together.

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Our Athletics Carnival will be held at the The Ridge Athletics Track on Wednesday 17 March. All students are required to attend. This year the carnival is more important than ever, given the ongoing restrictions we have experienced. Our entire school community participates in the day of events and connection. 

The tabloid structure of the day’s events enables students to enjoy different elements of athletics without the pressure of ‘entering into events’.  The Athletics Carnival is more than just a sporting event, it provides a wonderful opportunity for all students to participate in events and activities that are enjoyable for all. More importantly, it is a fantastic way to connect students to our school, their cohort and each other in positive ways.  Year 12 students will be running a BBQ and snack stall within COVID safe guidelines for staff and students. 

The school has organised buses to transport students to and from Barden Ridge. Buses will depart from the school at 8:00am and will return at approximately 2:30pm. Alternatively, students can make their own way to and from the track. To assist with the organisation of buses, travel arrangements for your child must be indicated on the permission note. Please refer to the note for payment details.

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