Success for Year 12 in 2020 HSC

Key Points

  • We are very proud of our Year 12 2020 HSC students for their outstanding efforts seeing a very successful round of HSC results for 2020.

  • Our students demonstrate what school and the HSC is about as they achieve their personal aspirational pathways, securing placements into universities and apprenticeships.

Year 12 2020

Gymea students enjoyed great success in this year’s Higher School Certificate with outstanding performances across all levels. Coming together on Friday morning after receiving their results, Year 12 celebrated alongside each other and their teachers, the wonderful stories of achievement and outstanding performances after what clearly has been a challenging year.

With so many students already securing offers into university, the first round of University Admission Centre offers will have them weigh up options and make final decisions for university study for 2021. Our school has traditionally seen most of our students progress into university study and this year’s results have further supported our students options into so many universities and courses. It was such a demanding year, but our students took on the challenges and continued working so cohesively and collaboratively with their teachers to bring about their outstanding results this year.

This year, we launched our START (Students Taste A Range of Trades) program that has helped those students looking for vocational pathways focus on school and study while exploring the trade and direct employment pathways available to them. Finishing Year 12 with options and ideas, and more so for many, entering straight into apprenticeships and employment sums up their successful journey through high school.

Congratulations to our state high performers who earned results in the top 5% of the state in courses of Physics, Mathematics Extension 1 and 2, Mathematics Advanced, Chemistry, Biology, Music 1, as well as Design and Technology. An outstanding achievement!

Special mention to our Dux for 2020. Ronan is one of NSW’s exceptional students achieving an ATAR of 98.9. This places Ronan in the top 1.1% of the state out of the 76 000 students who sat this year’s HSC, an achievement that acknowledges and celebrates his high academic talent and work ethic. Ronan will pursue his interests at the University of Sydney in the area of Mathematics and is determined to gain his doctorate in Mathematics and become a Professor of Mathematics at University.

We have many student stories to celebrate that we will continue to share. Our new Honour Board aims to illustrate the wonderful pathways our students have successfully gained and now head towards in 2021. Take a look at the honour board here:

Year 12 2020 Honour Board

Year 12 2020
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