Keeping kids safe – No to vaping

Key Points

  • The use of e-cigarettes, or vapes is on the rise becoming a widespread issue with teenagers worldwide.
  • While we are not experiencing the challenges that some other schools are facing, we need to be proactive through social and health education and continue to uphold a zero tolerance to prohibited substances in schools.
  • A joint effort made by the school, families and friendship groups will help ensure that our children are safe.

We have commenced a series of talks and lessons for students on the social and health issues associated with vapes as a continuation on talks we undertook last year. We need to be proactive in keeping our school and our children safe by developing their deeper knowledge and having the strength to make those social decisions that help fight the peer pressures through friendship groups and what they view on social media.

We are lucky that we are not experiencing the significant challenges that others schools are facing in dealing with vapes in schools. The media has highlighted many stories and it is a culture we do not want entering our school.

For our children, no matter what you are told, no vapes are safe.

Vapes and accessories, other drugs and paraphernalia are prohibited substances in schools. We have a zero tolerance policy on the use, possession or sale of all prohibited substances and accessories and will follow NSW Department of Education discipline procedures in all matters.

To be successful, we need to support our children through a collaborative effort. We need to be having these discussions at school, at home and among friends that are focused on the health risks and reinforcing their positive strength to not engage with any vape use.

For more information about vapes, download this resource from the NSW Cancer Council

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