A taste of technology for the NSW Premier

Key Points

  • The Honourable Gladys Berejiklian, Premier of NSW and our local member, Eleni Petinos visited Gymea to view our students in action with technology.
  • Student presentations to the NSW Premier demonstrated how technology across the school is inspiring and engaging our students leading to their success in learning.
  • Gymea Technology High School boasts some of the best technology facilities and learning spaces in the state.
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The Honourable Gladys Berejiklian, MP and Premier of NSW along with our local member, Eleni Petinos visited our Library to see our students in action in our newest technology spaces: The Visual Studio, The Media Studio and The Micro Lab. These spaces, all different in purpose and design, allow our students to engage in their learning in inspiring ways.

We are lucky at Gymea to enjoy outstanding technology facilities not seen in any other school. Many have contributed to this over recent years and it is something that sets our school apart. One of the most recent areas of our school to undergo a technological transformation is our Library space, with a range of new and emerging technologies being seamlessly integrated into the space to offer our students the opportunity to learn in dynamic and innovative ways.

Our visitors enjoyed listening to our students presenting in these three amazing spaces in our school library. 

The Visual Studio is a 50 student cinematic amphitheater space featuring an anamorphic screen, virtual reality facilities and a modern lab of high spec computers. Our students demonstrated to the NSW Premier and our Local Member how they use the space for everyday learning but also led them through a detailed explanation of the mathematics and science behind the Studio’s design. Our team of student speakers presented a range of multimedia presentations they drew from projects they have undertaken this year including a compilation of student movies and a 360 degree immersive lesson our students developed as part of our Head Start to High School transition program.

Our Media Studio, a professional quality green-screen facility offers our students the opportunity to create and produce quality multimedia work. Our students highlighted to the NSW premier the opportunities all students have across the school to explore communication through multimedia.

The Microlab provides specialist computers in a collaborative lab equipping students with the computing power to produce movies and other multimedia. Our Year 9 accelerated class exhibited to the NSW Premier the work they were currently undertaking as they prepare for their HSC major project next year.

These spaces are nothing less than amazing and unique to our school. We are lucky that we have a community that works together to identify, design and put together the spaces and the technology that makes a difference for our students.

Thank you to both the Premier, the Honourable Gladys Berejiklian and to our Local Member, Eleni Petinos for taking the time to visit what we have to offer at Gymea, and for allowing our students to share their excitement and their learning with them. You can watch a short message filmed by our Premier and Local Member below. Congratulations to our student speakers who once again, put together a polished and engaging presentation of their learning.

Premier, Local Member and Principal
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